Ever try to call your web host? Surprise! Nobody’s home. Nobody to talk to. Nobody to help you.

Even worse, you do get someone and you sit on hold bouncing from queue to queue with no help in site, re-explaining your problem to each new “customer service” rep.  Sound familiar?

Call us – we’ll answer the phone.

With web hosting, you definitely get what you pay for. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and your site is housed in a limited access, climate controlled bunker with battery and generator power backup. Our network has plenty of room for your website and emails. In addition, your files will be backed up offsite daily, weekly and monthly. Also included are up to 10 email addresses at yourname.com (if you need more, no problem) which can be checked via our web-based portal or via outlook, thunderbird or similar programs. All email is run through our world class spam and virus filter and can effectively eliminate a large majority of junk messages at the source. We have been dialing this system in for years and it eliminates these problem emails, without blocking legitimate ones.

Additionally, receiving emails is only one part of the equation.  Sending them and having them received is the other half.  If your domain or DNS (Domain Name System) is not setup correctly your emails will not be delivered properly or appear to be spam.  We can take this headache out of the problem and help you to establish a verified online reputation ensuring your mission critical emails arrive unhindered.

We also offer encrypted SSL email service for our customers who want to ensure their email communications are secure.  These messages are sent using the same type of technology that protects online credit card transactions.  If you are sending sensitive or important information across the internet in regular email, it’s being sent in plain text for anyone in the world to intercept and see.  Our team of security experts can protect your communication with secure email to offer you peace of mind.