Your new site will provide an optimal viewing experience across all devices. Automatically resizing so that smartphone and tablet users can experience your site in all of its glory!

What is the web doing for you? Whether you are looking to build your first website or upgrade and improve your old one we can help. Our striking designs and rich functionality will turn your website into more than just an electronic yellow page. A good website can do more than just sit online like a business card. Some “web designers” can do only that…, design graphics. Our team consists of talented visual designers as well as programmers. We can take your business to the next digital level and turn a simple set of static pages into a value added process that builds business, saves time and impresses your customers. From collecting data online, processing orders, tracking inventory to integrating data into your existing systems we can help. Not only can we solve your problems but we can give you straight forward advice in plain English without all that jargon and double speak.

We’ve all heard horror stories about overpriced websites and webmasters who seem to take control of your internet presence as if it were their own.

  • Are you having trouble getting in touch with your webmaster?
  • Do they take forever to return your calls?
  • When you do finally reach them, are you treated like a valued customer or do you feel like an outsider?
  • Do they take forever making requested changes to your site?
  • Are you stuck because you’re not sure how to switch or simply what to do?

As technology changes, so do your options for web development. Let our team analyze your needs and develop a solid solution that is expandable with your future growth. Geek Genius puts service first in everything we do. Our team cares about our customers and we truly appreciate your business.

With us, you’ll never get stuck waiting days for a callback or be put on the back-burner.

If you need help, we can give you solid direction in “plain English” – without a bunch of jargon or confusing terminology. We’re geeks that know how to speak.

Customer Editable Websites!

All of our new websites are driven by a robust content management system (CMS).  Each established CMS page is editable from a web-based portal and can be accessed for site changes from anywhere in the world.  No more waiting to hear back from IT, or your slow to respond website designer.  Once logged in administrators can change or edit all text, photos, documents, links, email addresses, movies and other content in a simple to use point and click interface.  There are no extra fees for these changes and you can log-in at any time for unlimited access without learning or installing any third party software.  Most customers pick up on how to use this system within a matter of minutes.  Either way, since we don’t farm out any of our work you can always call us, directly at the source, no phone cues or out of country support.  Just us.  Period.

In fact, our support is so good we often find ourselves building a second or third website for our current customers as their needs grow and technology changes.  We are very proud of this and enjoy the courtesy of referrals on a regular basis.  If you are still skeptical give us a call today and find out the difference for yourself.