E-Commerce is so much more than just a website

Running a successful an e-commerce site isn’t just about having a site that looks good. It’s about how easy it is for your customers to pay. It’s about customer service. It’s about shipping times, shipping costs, and tracking. Geek Genius designers actually own e-commerce sites and operate them successfully so we’re very aware of all the things it takes to turn a site into a successful income-generating machine that customers will want to visit and buy from again.

Your customers want payment options

Customers come from different backgrounds and to properly serve them, you need to offer different payment methods. From quick and easy credit card payments to payments in Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, we will show you how to accept all types of secure payments.

No limits

When we build you a website, it’s yours. We don’t believe in restricting use at all. Feel free to sell as much of whatever you want for as long as you want. As other popular platforms restrict content, product sales, charge you per product fees, and can remove you from their platform at any time, you soon realize that using these “quick and easy” platforms is actually more expensive and very restrictive.

We give you absolute freedom.